“Grand Theft Auto In Real Life”

A GTA V fan took photos in the game city of Los Santos and then tried to take photos in Los Angeles and match the two. The level of resemblance of the photograph is remarkable, both because of the realism of the game world and the matching of photo angle and composition of the two shots. See all the images on the original post here on GTAist: http://www.gtaist.com/grand-theft-auto-in-real-life/

By dragging from the center to the image you can reveal one of the two pictures. Sliding to the far left or far right will unmask the photo taken in real LA or the one from game.

At the bottom of the article you find a game selfie reenactement project. The author of the video (jonan777) matches in-game selfies with selfies taken in real life Los Angeles. Once again the level of accuracy in matching the two is held in great consideration.

Compilation of selfies of Franklin GTA V compared side by side to selfies of jonan777 in a LA trip. Its been a year of Gta v and after 600hr+ of playing it this trip made me feel like I was inside the game. I missed some selfies but everything was exactly like R* replicated in the game. #gtaforlife

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