The in-game camera in Far Cry 3: it’s like a vacation gone wrong

Far Cry® in-game photo mode

Far Cry 3 in-game camera mode

The game Far Cry 3 (2012) features an in-game camera mode by pressing “Z” the protagonist, Jason, from whose first person perspective one plays the game, draws a camera and we see the game world through a viewfinder view similar to the one of modern DSLR cameras, featuring something like focus points in the center of a framing rectangle. We can zoom in and out with the camera using the mouse wheel and take a picture by clicking the left mouse-button. So I went on a little photo safari in Far Cry 3 trying out my gear and taking a couple of shots in this beautiful wilderness. At some point I landed in a small cemetery where two men of the same faction as the game’s protagonist were kneeling in front of a tombstone mourning the death of another faction member. I was somehow touched by this encounter and wanted to capture the situation in a photo. So I went around the two, not too close, keeping some distance in respect of their loss. I decided to take some pictures from behind with the tombstone in the center, the two men facing the tombstone, kneeling left and right from it. It took me a while to find the right composition for the situation. Some time later I wanted to take a look at the pictures I had taken. They had to be somewhere, right? In the inventory? No. I ended the game and looked into my Steam account. I remembered from earlier sessions with Far Cry 3 that the photos I took were saved in Steam. I could not find any photos but some quick web search provided the solution:

Far Cry® 3 photo-mode marking a villain and an ostrich

Far Cry 3 photo-mode marking a villain and an ostrich

It turned out that the camera mode in Far Cry 3 is different from the in-game camera mode in Euro Truck Simulator 2. The modus is not meant to take photos. In the game the camera is used to mark villains, predatory animals and herbivores in order to track them even if they get out of direct sight and hide behind bushes or even small hills. Above the framing rectangle in the camera view we see a little row with symbols which show up in the camera image if we point the camera at villains or animals (see the second picture of this article) where we see the respective symbols above the heads of the villain and the ostrich. In some missions the camera mode is uses if the protagonist has to take photos of target persons. When I understood what had happened to my photos I felt a bit like the user Fun With Your Cat in a forum on Steam who experienced the same problem and said

it’s like a vacation gone wrong.

Nevertheless, one can take screenshots in the game using the F12. This is how I took the pictures in this article.

It is interesting that ranging the woods, beaches, hills, ruins and pathways of Far Cry 3 while looking for potential photographs one feels indeed somehow “embedded.” While the player searches for interesting motifs the game world keeps behaving as it was programmed to, in other words it keeps living on which allows to experience all kinds of strange situations: After I had taken the imaginary photos of the mourning soldiers I was getting close to a river where I saw a civilian standing on the river bank. I took some “photos” of him when out of nowhere (in fact out of the water) an alligator jumped at the guy and killed him in front of my eyes and my simulated lens. The beast bit him and submerged into the river. The man’s body kept floating inanimately on the water surface. I was so astonished that I kept pressing the left mouse button (i.e. the shutter-button) in order to have proof for my encounter still hoping to show the pictures later on. While I moved closer to the river and took pictures of the man’s body, the alligator emerged again out of the river facing my camera with its huge jaw and killed the protagonist whom I was controlling.

The second photo in this article is taken right before another strange and unexpected event which I did not photograph because I did not expect such a thing to happen: In the picture we can see that the villain and the ostrich who face each other are marked with symbols indicating their dangerousness. Only shortly after I had taken this picture the ostrich attacks the villain and strikes him down while he unsuccessfully tries to defend himself with his machine gun.

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