1000 Heads Among The Trees

1000 Heads Among The Trees is 2015 horror game developed by Aaron Oldenburg. Photography plays a central role in the game as players need to take pictures of people and things, but also share these pictures with characters met throughout the game. Here photographs can be shown to characters who will give more information about the subjects and locations in the photographs.

Visit a quiet town in the Peruvian desert at night searching for spirits and taking photos, then sharing these pictures with locals who tell improvised stories about them. […]

  • Use your photography as a means of conversing with non-player characters, revealing what they see as well as what they imagine.


  • Discover that your camera is not just a passive recorder, but that its act of observation can change the environment.


  • Export and share your photos.

source: http://store.steampowered.com/app/406730/

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