Bishoujo Shashinkan Special: The Double Vision

Bishoujo Shashinkan Special: The Double Vision (HARD, 1987) is an adult game developed for Microsoft MSX2 that featured a photographic simulation of aperture setting as core mechanic of the gameplay.


Bishoujo Shashinkan Special: The Double Vision is a combined release of Bishojo Shashinkan: Moving School and Bishojo Shashinkan: Studio Cut, neither of which were released separately for the MSX or X68000. Both games put you as a photographer trying to take photos of schoolgirls, where you must use your judgment to set exposure correctly. As the game(s) progresses, the option to use an automatic camera is removed, forcing you to correctly guess both aperture, shutter speed, film sensitivity and if flash should be used


Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude is a 2004 adult-themed video game developed by High Voltage Software, part of the Leisure Suit Larry series. In this game the main character can take photographs that can be sold to collectors, mini games involving photographing (photo shoot games) also exist.

The camera mode, switch to a basic viewfinder interface, with zooming capability. A super camera lens can be unlocked, that adds 10x zoom ability to your camera, instead of 5x.

Photos are evaluated by an algorithm and rewarded based on wide/close shot (close ups award higher points), and the movement of the character:

Money with pictures

[…]The best money is paid for close-up shots of breasts when she raises her arms above her head or when she is three quarters to full profile, in 90+% of the camera frame. For these, pay is $7 each, or $4 for those not just right. Patience for the correct shot and angle makes this a little time consuming, but you can make over $30 for each roll after the assessment fee, and you can do it as long as desired.

The tenured professor in the Library likes Morgan’s boobs, and will pay $7 each. The person in the Greek Quad, once you can get into the Sorority house, likes Bettie Jo’s boobs and Zanna’s crotch, and will pay $7 each. The person in the Dance Hall likes Luba’s boobs and will pay $7 each. The person in Spartacus loves Helmut’s crotch and goes up to $8 when he is moving. Once again, the subject being in motion is the key to high pay — watch for their movement patterns before snapping pictures.