In-game photography – a photographic disappearing act by Marco De Mutiis


Essay part of “Capturing the (Game) World”, C/O Digital:, organized by Sebastian Möring.

“Over the last two decades a new photographical practice evolved in the realm of the digital: In-game photography. Open world computer games are increasingly shipped with an implemented photo mode, users post game snapshots to their social media timelines as a matter of course, and artists present their in-game photo works in museums and galleries. “Capturing the (Game) World” is a series of events which invites students, scholars, artists, photographers, hobbyists as well as professionals, gamers as well as non-gamers, theorists as well as practitioners to explore the quickly developing new photography practice called in-game photography. The series offers insightful talks – about the practice, aesthetics, and the history of in-game photography – as well as hands-on workshops to explore photography in games and in-game photographical techniques.”