Cindy Poremba – Point and Shoot, Remediating Photography in Gamespace

“Point and Shoot,  Remediating Photography in Gamespace” is a 2007 essay by Cindy Poremba. Here the author looks at the phenomenon of screenshots photograph of digital games and their relationship with photography. The virtualisation of photography, she claims, remediates many aspects of traditional photography.

Considering the time of the essay and its scope and content, this can be seen as a defining and pioneering writing for the discourse of in-game photography.

If the process and ritual behind this image making is similar, the players themselves are validating the reality of their subjects simply by creating a document of these experiences. In this sense, players are taking real photos, just in virtual spaces.

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Although game photos remain a representation (through remediation) of the technique of representation, photography nonetheless carves out a space for itself within play, bringing new practice to the digital game.

originally published in: Games and Culture, Volume 2 Number 1, January 2007 49-58 © 2007 Sage Publications 10.1177/1555412006295397

Eyewitness by Harris Wai

A documentary game titled Eyewitness appears to let you play as a photographer in the setting of the Nanjing massacre period during the Japanese invasion of the city. Unfortunately apart from very few information online, the game does not seem to be available anymore.
Harris Wai, from Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Multimedia Innovation Centre, has developed this game about Japanese war crimes (thanks Espen). You play the role of a photographer who needs to document the Nanjing Massacre.
 Links to the game appear to be not working, but according to this site (Italian only) the game was presented in 2003 to the Games Developers Conference in San José.