Fortnite launched an in-game photography campaign coinciding with their collaboration with fashion brand Balenciaga, which created physical and digital apparel in limited edition.

The in-game photos appeared on the game billboards, rather than being circulated only on social media platforms and blogs. The campaign is titled Fortography and submissions are made using #Fortography hashtag on Twitter.

Unlike photo modes – which create a space isolated from gameplay to take in-game pictures and share them outside of the game on social media – in fortography the game becomes the content (the subject of the photographic act), the camera (with capture and replay capabilities) as well as the circulation space of the images (the in-game billboards).


Barbie Fashionistas Photo Shoot

Barbie Fashionistas Photo Shoot is an online game by Mattel, where players can set up a stage, design it with props and wallpapers, and have a virtual barbie doll pose and take snapshots. Saved photos can be printed.

Apart from simulating elements of fashion studio photography (set up lights, put up a fitting background, have a model pose for the camera…), Barbie Fashionistas Photo Shoot seems to be almost a simulation of a simulation (a digital simulation of a doll, which in turn attempts to mimic the real thing). This ambiguity seems to be hinted in the title screen “pretend you’re a photographer”, where the player is reminded we are playing pretend (This however leaves us confused when at the end screen the game states “Wow you’re a fab fashion photographer!”, as if the process of pretending turned us into actual fashion photographers).

play the game online:

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