“Gamers Act as Photojournalists and Document Street Crime in ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’”

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killerdead77 via cy_sperling/Reddit

An article by Justin Page on Laughing Squid from January 2014 says some players have been playing GTA V Online in passive mode as war photoreporters, documenting street crime.

A large group of gamers have joined forces and are acting as photojournalists to document street crime in the chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto Online. Their official Rockstar Games Social Club crew, Media Lens, was created by amateur photographer and Laika senior film editor Christopher Murrie (a.k.a. cy_sperling).

Link to the article: http://laughingsquid.com/gamers-act-as-photojournalists-and-document-street-crime-in-grand-theft-auto-online/

The GTAV Media Lens crew on Twitter: https://twitter.com/gtavmedialens

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