Punctum lecture series part III: Friedrich Tietjen. „It’s virtual! Really!“

Friedrich Tietjen. „It’s virtual! Really!“ Photography, Space and Reality in Video Games As the necessary computing power and HD screens get available to consumers, photo realism in video games seems to be within reach. However the closer game designers come this goal, the farther it seems to be away. The visual surfaces even of advanced games such as Wolfenstein – The New Order, Dear Esther and DayZ still give away on first glance what they are: computer generated, not filmed or photographed. So why is there so much money, time and intelligence wasted on a goal that seems to be as much an illusion as the games themselves? The answer tried here has less to do with the visual surfaces of photography, and much more with the way photography and film structure the perception of temporality and space. Accompanying the exhibition Punctum at Salzburger Kunstverein (07/26-09/21/2014) was a lecture series of artists and theorists on topical subjects of photography today. Lecture held on 27 July 2014.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo85ADKbh7o

Benoit Paillé

Benoit Paillé is a photographer who has worked with pictures taken within GTA V, combined with real world cameras and photography production. He attempts to merge the two realities, in an interplay between the virtual and the real.


Crossroad of realities, project page: https://gbuffer.myportfolio.com/crossroad-of-realities