Paparazzi Snapshot

Paparazzi Snapshot, for Android devices (published by BossFun 4 May 2016).

tagline: Take photos of starlets most revealing moments! Nice work if you can get it…Much fun.




Dinosaur Safari

Dinosaur Safari is an educational game for PC and Mac created in 1996 by designers and scientists of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and developed by Creative Multimedia Corporation.

The player travels back in time and takes photographs of 60 dinosaurs for the National Chronographic Society. As one captures more photos, more items become available (e.g. video recorder, radar…).

You’ve been hired by the National Chronographic Society to bring back photos of every dinosaur you see. And it won’t be easy. You’ll be looking for them in 310 different locations. Sometimes they’ll be there. Other times they will cleverly avoid you. But you must keep looking.

It’s worth the effort.

As you capture the dinosaurs on film, you’ll fill data crystals with your images, which you will return to the Society for payment. Once you’ve completed your early assignments you’ll also be given more advanced tools… a video camera, radar, and a dinosaur lure.




Paparazzi for Playstation 2 (HuneX, 2005, original title: The Camera Kozou) is a photography simulation game where the player has to take pictures of models, with the possibility to request the model to look at the camera, to “adopt a charming pose”, “adopt a sexy pose” and “get a kiss on the fly”. The player/photographer can also dance, jump and wave hands to build empathy with the subject and it’s possible to move around the photo shoot location to take the best shots of the model’s performance.


While the content of the game is questionable, with much of the game’s 3D physics simulation spent on rendering the bouncing of the models’ oversized breast, the camera simulation in manual mode contains many parameters rendered directly from analogue cameras (namely flash, zoom, focus, aperture and shutter speed).