Sonicomi (Nitroplus, 2016).

Super Sonico is a cheerful, hardworking college student and amateur musician who’s about to make her modeling debut. As her personal photographer, you will be responsible for Sonico’s image, balancing the needs of your clients with your own vision for Sonico’s future. Cute, sexy, weird — the costumes you choose will determine her path as a model. Will you cultivate mainstream appeal? Make Sonico a subculture icon? Or will she become something even you can’t imagine? It all depends on you!



HunieCam Studio (2016)

A game about explicit voyeurism and sex in Manga-style which deals with photography to some extent, too. While the player can satisfy a male gaze on all sorts of female parts (the Steam-version of the game is edited in terms of explicitness compared to the non-Steam version), the lack of male subjects to voyeurism makes this game suspicious of promoting a tiny bit of sexism.


From the game’s description:

Courtesy Warning: The sexual themes in this game are mostly for fun/humor and don’t make for particularly great fapping material.

In HunieCam Studio players take control of a sleazy cam girl operation. Rake in stacks of filthy internet money and attract as many disgusting fans as you can in this fast paced, click happy and thoroughly perverted take on the business tycoon / management sim genre!

Recruit cam models from an eclectic cast of cuties who have probably made some poor life choices. Manage your girls’ daily errands/activities to keep them stress-free and productive. Invest in various aspects of your business to improve functions and expand operations. Optimize your cam shows by promoting girls who match popular trends/fetishes. Abandon your morals and disappoint everybody who cares about you!


Dead or Alive game series

the Dead or Alive series consists of five main fighting games, ten remakes and ports, three beach volleyball-based spin-off titles, and a blackjack spin-offacross thirteen different video game platforms. It has also spawned a feature film, DOA: Dead or Alive, which is loosely based on the game series.



Dead or Alive has a Spectator Mode or Watch Mode, which lets the user have more control over the game engine camera. Camera Mode, intended as simulation of the act of photographing  and simulation of analog camera mechanics and aesthetics, was implemented only later.

more on Spectator Mode:

In Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (2006, developed by Team Ninja) the in-game camera was improved.

The camera has been slightly modified to address the criticism that the one in the original game moved erratically or too frequently. The offline two player “Exhibition” mode from the previous game has been removed, forcing players who wish to play against other players to do so via Xbox Live.


In Dead or Alive Paradise (2010, developed by Project Venus) you are given a camera from the Island Shop and you can freely take photographs of the DoA girls which can then be assembled into an album.

Once the relationship with the girls is on an intimate level, the girls would then present the player with “venus clips” which can be viewed and edited by the player.


While photography is simulated via a through-the-viewfinder look and framing/shutter capabilities, the act of snapping pictures remains a free mode, not connected to core game mechanics. The theme, the interactions with the subject (e.g. befriending girls to have special poses for the camera) and sexist overtones are similar to the ones employed in Snapshot! Paparazzi.


Dead or Alive 5 (2012) featured an improved camera mode and the possibility to freeze gameplay, move the camera in 3d space and take in-game photos of the fighting game.

Extras include Spectator, where players can watch replay of their matches, or watch fights between two AI players, and also take photographs from a position and angle of their choosing with a fully controllable camera



“Dead or Alive 5 gets new Photo Mode for even better ‘photographing’. Also, first shots of new character, Rig”:

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (2016, developed by Team Ninja) “retains the camera mode from the earlier installments of the DOAX series” (source:



Paparazzi for Playstation 2 (HuneX, 2005, original title: The Camera Kozou) is a photography simulation game where the player has to take pictures of models, with the possibility to request the model to look at the camera, to “adopt a charming pose”, “adopt a sexy pose” and “get a kiss on the fly”. The player/photographer can also dance, jump and wave hands to build empathy with the subject and it’s possible to move around the photo shoot location to take the best shots of the model’s performance.


While the content of the game is questionable, with much of the game’s 3D physics simulation spent on rendering the bouncing of the models’ oversized breast, the camera simulation in manual mode contains many parameters rendered directly from analogue cameras (namely flash, zoom, focus, aperture and shutter speed).