Google Street Car by Linus Suter

Google Street Car (Linus Suter, 2011) is kind of a mix between playing GTA and pretending to be Jon Rafman collecting images for Nine Eyes of Google Street View.

Drive a google car anywhere on google maps and take Streetview photos

Screenshot 2019-04-07 12.39.50.png

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Benoit Paillé

Benoit Paillé is a photographer who has worked with pictures taken within GTA V, combined with real world cameras and photography production. He attempts to merge the two realities, in an interplay between the virtual and the real.


Crossroad of realities, project page:


Morten Rockford Ravn – Fear and loathing in GTA V

Morten Rockford Ravn attempts to capture the “existential despair” of the modern-day America represented in Grand Theft Auto V in his series titled “Fear and loathing in GTA V”. The series is ongoing and consists of black and white photos taken with the in-game smartphone camera.

project page:

article on KillScreen:

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Roc Herms – Postcards from Home

Roc Herms’ ongoing project Postcards from Home is a photographic essay from his current field research in the Playstation Home universe. The project will be published in the format of the book (still to be completed at the time of writing). One of the chapters of the book (embedded below) was published for the exhibition “From here on, postphotography in the era of internet” curated by Joan Fontcuberta.

With Second Life and virtual reality platforms like PlayStation Home, the world has split in two. In it we have total freedom to invent our own personality and choose any lifestyle we want; on screen we can continue our everyday tedium or we can embark on intrepid adventures, We can decide which virtual urban tribes we want to subscribe to, and, logically, in this world of possibilities, we can become photographers and choose between creating reports in the style of Cartier-Bresson or Robert Frank, or styling portraits like Richard Avedon or Diane Arbus.

These dilemmas are some that Barcelonan Roc Herms faces with his project “Postcards from Home”. In his virtual life, Herms is always there, camera at the ready, seeking out defining moments that celebrate diversity, in both thematic fixations and stylistic approaches.


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